Friday, 17 May 2013


What would you think of a farmer or gardener who deliberately caused lower crop yields on everybody else's land as well as his or her own? What would you think of a gardener who wanted to confiscate a key growth factor from everybody's yards? That would be a counter-productive action that would hurt the entire population, particularly the poor.

Governments around the world are being coerced into spending billions on rounding up something that helps with plant growth and hiding it underground. Less than a third of a percent of the atmosphere, carbon dioxide is necessary for the growth of plants. It has been in much higher concentrations in the past, yet the planet wasn't destroyed. Life thrived during the age of the dinosaurs because of the richness of plant growth back then. Coal seams testify to the abundance of flora during that age.

As this chart shows, there was a high of 6,000 parts per million of CO2 in our atmosphere around 400-million years ago. The second spike shows an even higher level of this plant-nourishing gas in the atmosphere about 175-million years ago. During those periods, no humans existed. Therefore the high level of CO2 can't be attributed to industrialization.

Scientists say that humanity has been around for only a few million years. CO2 has actually dropped, according to the chart. Even with the industrial revolution, humanity hasn't had much of an effect on the level of CO2 in the air.

Environmentalists claim that the earth is warming. Empirical studies have shown a decline in the earth's temperature since 2000. Additionally, Dr. Michael Mann's "hockey stick" graph has been disprove and its flawed science discredited. Yet environmentalists still claim that the planet is warming. Having noticed how cold the winters in the northern hemisphere have been of late, I know that the climate is cooling.

Environmentalists claim that human activity is killing off many species. The climate is always changing, favouring one type of life form over another. The area where I live today was once tropical. It was also covered with a mile-thick sheet of ice at one time. Having examined the empirical facts and balanced them against the histrionic claims of environmental activists, I conclude that "climate change" is as big a hoax as was Piltdown man.

If this planet had more CO2, plants would grow better and yield more food for humanity. Famines would be greatly reduced and deserts would shrink. Livestock would also flourish because of the availability of plants to feed on. Capturing and storing this life-giving gas because it supposedly causes climate change will harm humanity and the creatures on this planet.

For more information on the true state of our privileged planet, visit the Cornwall Alliance web site.

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