Monday, 10 June 2019

What if Christ were Your Employer?

This might sound weird to new believers but we must work as if Christ were our boss. No matter how nasty our supervisor or manager is to us, Jesus expects to work as his ambassadors in the workplace.

Though we can hardly compare employment to slavery, especially with so many labour laws forbidding mistreatment of workers, we still must have a Christ-like attitude. Paul wrote in Ephesians 6:5 and 6 (BBE), "Servants, do what is ordered by those who are your natural masters, having respect and fear for them, with all your heart, as to Christ; Not only under your master's eye, as pleasers of men; but as servants of Christ, doing the pleasure of God from the heart;"

Peter wrote essentially the same thing in 1 Peter 2:18 (BBE). "Servants, take orders from your masters with all respect; not only if they are good and gentle, but even if they are bad-humoured."

Another reason for being well-behaved in all circumstances is that it makes those who slander us and Christ look stupid. In 1 Peter 3:15 and 16 (BBE), it says, "But give honour to Christ in your hearts as your Lord; and be ready at any time when you are questioned about the hope which is in you, to give an answer in the fear of the Lord and without pride; Being conscious that you have done no wrong; so that those who say evil things about your good way of life as Christians may be put to shame."

God won't be ashamed of us either if we repay poor treatment with respect. Look at what Hebrews 11:16 (BBE) says about the faithful folks throughout history. "But now their desire is for a better country, that is to say, for one in heaven; and so it is no shame to God to be named their God; for he has made ready a town for them."

Christ feels the same way about that too. Hebrews 2:11 (BBE) reads, "For he who makes holy and those who are made holy are all of one family; and for this reason it is no shame for him to give them the name of brothers,"

For these and many other reasons, Let's strive to be the best examples of believing Christians our friends and coworkers have ever seen. I wasn't the best example all of the time myself but I know for sure that people knew there was something different about me. You can read more about that in my most recent book called How I Was Razed. Please message or e-mail me if you want to buy a copy.

On Thursday, I'll be posting about how to be free in prison. That sounds contradictory but it's possible.

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