Saturday, 7 July 2018

Saturday Song, University of the Air theme

What would appeal to a ten-year-old child in a broadcast for university students? The CTV Network had a show called University of the Air. Beginning each show, they played the most incredible and awesome music I ever heard.

Listen to the show's theme music here.Electronic music, created with Moog and ARP synthesizers, was a new thing back then. I instantly fell in love with this spacey music. It appealed to my nerdish nature.

Ever since the summer of 1967, I have had a passion for electronic music. It was hard to find at first. Apart from a few novelty songs, no radio station played this futuristic music.

Eventually, rock bands began using synthesizers in their songs. Some groups later went on to use these endlessly-flexible  instruments exclusively.

In the same way, I had a passion for apologetics. I gave my life to Christ in 1969 but nobody mentored me. The only teaching I found was on the radio. And since I had some bad church experiences, I didn't attend any of them.

But not all Bible teaching is correct. I became hooked on Garner Ted Armstrong's "World Tomorrow" program. What I thought was deep teaching was actually blasphemy.

Getting back to electronic music, what do you think of it? Please leave me a comment in the box below. Have a wonderful weekend too.

My next post will be about charismatic believers and their misunderstanding of what faith is. It certainly isn't some mystical power we can harnace for our own ends, that's for sure.

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