Saturday, 14 July 2018

Saturday Song, The Serendipity, Don't Let the Rain Come Down

This is such a good song for children to hear. I used to hear it on the radio and imagine the crooked little man fixing his crooked little house where he lived with a crooked cat and a crooked mouse. It was also fun to sing the chorus.

Hear this fun little ditty here.

Children sure can relate to songs like this. It's like all the stories our parents tell us or read to us. But we soon leave that halcion world of trouble-free play for the disciplin of school and later work.

Jesus said we should come to him like a child and ask for forgiveness. Children are dependent upon their parents and have no skills or resources to fall back on. In this way, we must come to Christ, having no accomplishments or talents to brag of. We all need to trust him no matter what's currently happening.

Of course there's a huge difference between being childlike and being childish. It's a sad fact that many people go to church and Christian gatherings to get what they desire. They want nothing to do with taking up their crosses and following him.

The sixth chapter of John's gospel shows just how fickle people were and still are. He taught in a metaphorical way that they must accept him completely with no exceptions. This was too hard for the crowd to take so they all left him and followed him no more.

Jesus even asked his disciples if they too were going to leave. But Peter asked where else they could go. Only Christ had the words of eternal life.

So, how is it with you? Do you attend church to worship the Lord or because they have good music, or some other reason? If you feel like doing so, please leave me a comment in the box below. And if not, have a great weekend anyway.

On Monday, I'll post about why no new books have been added to the Bible.

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