Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Born-Basically-Good Error

Another foolish idea certain Christians have is that people are born basically good. Just watching a two-year-old throwing a tantrum disproves that notion. Even so, here's what the Bible says about us.

King David was called a man after God's own heart, yet he wrote this in Psalms 51:5 (KJV). "Behold, I was shapen in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me."

This doesn't mean his parents weren't married but that he, like the rest of us, have that sin nature pulling us toward wickedness.

The Apostle Paul showed in 1 Corinthians 15:22 (KJV) how our federal head condemned us all to death by his monstrous sin against God. "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive."

But is there any good at all in humanity? Not according to Ecclesiastes 7:20 (KJV) which says, "For there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not."

Psalms 14:3 (KJV) also leaves no doubt of our innate depravity. "They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one."

And 3 John 1:11 (KJV) shows that we can only do good by the Lord's rulership in our lives. "Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God."

I plan on pointing out this fallacy in my next book called You Think You're Going to Heaven? Far too many people who call themselves Christians aren't actually born again. They're churchgoers but they're not saved and will tragically end up in hell. May the Lord use my book to steer them toward repentance.

Stay tuned for my post about a man who keeps being confused with somebody else. I know how annoying it is since people confuse me with my brother, Roy. We're as different as Jesus and Satan but people still get confused.

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