Thursday, 8 September 2016

Who Gives Us Rights?

I wrote last time regarding our total commitment to Christ. Even though most of us aren't called to be missionaries or pastors, everything we have and are belongs to our Lord. He's the boss and we're just managers of what he's given us.

So, where do our rights come from? There are only two sources of rights, namely from God or the governments he puts in place. We humans foolishly think we have self-appointed rights but that isn't so.

The Apostle Paul wrote about the role of government in Romans 13:1-7 (BBE). He said, "Let everyone put himself under the authority of the higher powers, because there is no power which is not of God, and all powers are ordered by God. For which reason everyone who puts himself against the authority puts himself against the order of God: and those who are against it will get punishment for themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear to the good work but to the evil. If you would have no fear of the authority, do good and you will have praise; For he is the servant of God to you for good. But if you do evil, have fear; for the sword is not in his hand for nothing: he is God's servant, making God's punishment come on the evil-doer. So put yourselves under the authority, not for fear of wrath, but because you have the knowledge of what is right. For the same reason, make payment of taxes; because the authority is God's servant, to take care of such things at all times. Give to all what is their right: taxes to him whose they are, payment to him whose right it is, fear to whom fear, honour to whom honour is to be given."

This shows clearly who is really in charge. Politicians tend to act as if they have nobody to whom they must give an account of their actions. In democracies, the people have a hand in choosing their government leaders. Even so, as I've found out the hard way by working with the Wildrose Party, getting rid of a corrupt government isn't as easy as it sounds.

As we read all through the Bible, God is the one ultimately in charge. A day will come when every single person will give an account to God Almighty regarding what they did in this life. My hope and prayer is that, if you haven't done so yet, you'll acknowledge God's sovereign rule over your life and yield your will to Christ.

I intend to thoroughly cover this subject in my next book, You Think You're Going to Heaven? God willing, it should be in print at the end of next year.

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