Thursday, 25 August 2016

How is Christianity Intuitive?

Previously, I wrote about how the law given to Moses was primary to our faith but grace is intuitive. How is this so? This isn't the best example but it does fit this question fairly well.

In the old days of computing, people had to type in commands in a machine language or poke out tabs in punch cards to get the computer to execute commands. If one keystroke or hole in the card was wrong, it messed up the entire program.

I remember learning MS DOS in 1992 and how each command had to be typed in correctly. Otherwise, all the computer would say was "Bad command or filename."

DOS commands were rather cryptic as well. For example, this is how you would move text files from the hard drive to a floppy disk:


When Windows 3.1 came out in the early nineties, Microsoft introduced an intuitive point-and-click system. It allowed people to highlight files and move them to different places without typing in a command.

The reason I'm mentioning DOS and Windows is because the Old Testament law and the New Testament grace are similar to those two operating systems. Instead of specific commands, we now filter everything through the love of Christ. By loving him, we obey his commands to love others and spread the good news of salvation to all the world. No more do we need to remember a lot of "thou shalt not" commands since the Holy Spirit motivates us to do good works.

This is one reason I'm working on a new book called You Think You're Going to Heaven. People mistakenly think that Christianity is a religion of rules rather than, as it truly is, a lifestyle of love. I hope to publish it next year.

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