Thursday, 11 February 2016

Isn't Christianity a Cult?

 My previous post dealt with cults but some folks could claim that Christianity is one. After all, one man originated it. This isn't the case for Christianity, as I explain below.

Christ fulfilled Old Testament prophecies. Being of the lineage of King David and born of a virgin, he fulfilled many messianic prophecies.

Jesus also perfectly fulfilled the law of Moses, the only one to do so. The Pharisees tried to dig up dirt on Christ but they couldn't find a single thing which would disqualify him from being the long-sought saviour.

Jesus often referred to the Old Testament. Never once did he disparage or misquote those scriptures. Instead, he said that they spoke of him.

Neither did Jesus write a book. Mohammed, Joseph Smith, and others have claimed to have had special revelations but their writings were flawed.

Though Christ instituted holy communion and baptism for Christians, the moral code of the Old Testament is a part of the Christian faith.

Two writers of the New Testament wrote eyewitness accounts of Christ's life, death, and resurrection. Had they made it up, they would never have kept to their story in the face of execution and torture.

Cults refute many basic tenets of the faith they originated from. Apart from ceremonies which were types and shadows of Christ's work on Earth, the New Testament upholds the Old Testament.

Many people don't understand this difference. This is why I wrote How I Was Razed. Be sure to check out this glorious story of God's providential guidance.

In my next post, I'll deal with why the four gospel accounts differ. Atheists think it proves they aren't true.

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