Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How Do Cults Get Away With What They Do?

I'm sure many genuine Christians, as well as concerned non believers, ask this all the time. The crazy teachings we hear on various radio stations from these preachers make us wonder what they're smoking.

Thanks to African pastor Conrad Mbewe, I have a concise explanation which I offer here.

Many of these cults and errant churches aren't affiliated with major denominations. Either they split off from them or somebody decided to start their own church.

The founders of the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses formed their denominations by starting new churches.

Likewise, Mohammed invented Islam because Jews and Christians

House churches also lack accountability to a central ecclesiastical authority. This fact allows the leaders of these congregations to become dictators.

In my How I Was Razed book, I wrote about a control freak house church minister who claimed to be a prophet and that his "revelations" were not to be challenged.

But is Christianity a cult since it was started by one man? I'll answer that in my next blog post.

rejected his ideas. Though the world calls it a major religion, it's still a cult because one man taught that his "revelation" was divine.

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