Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Why Did Christ Do Miracles?

As I hinted at in my previous post, it seems to us that performing miracles would be a good way to gain followers. In actuality, we read in John chapter six how that notion resulted in shallow followers. They, like squirrels in the park, just wanted the free food. The Israelites also desired a king who would kick the hated Romans out of Israel.

So, why did Jesus perform miracles? Reading through the Bible, we can see clusters of miraculous deeds with long periods of time between them. Excluding creation, we see the first batch of miracles with the arrival of Moses and the law. Joshua carried on doing miracles but they soon ceased.

The second batch of miracles happened through Elijah and Elisha. Then no wonders were wrought through people for hundreds of years.

The third period of miracles were done by Jesus and his disciples. The apostles also performed wonders but they soon ceased as the original people died off.

Why are these batches of miracles linked to Moses', Elijah's, and Christ's ministries? They validated what they said. Even the Pharisees, through Nicodemus, knew that Jesus couldn't do wonderful works unless God was with him.

I once thought that if I was healed of my poor vision, it would convince people that God is real. The Bible refutes that through the accounts of the Israelites, as just one example. In Exodus, we see miracle after miracle. But with all that visible proof, the people still murmured and distrusted Moses and God.

When Elijah had the sacrifice-lighting contest with the priests of Baal, people believed but for a short while. Even most of the witnesses of Christ's miracles turned away unconvinced.

I don't doubt that God can and does work miracles today. What I reject is that faith healers perform real miracles at their over-hyped meetings. If they did work wonders, people's limbs, internal organs, and sense organs would be regenerated. What they really do is akin to parlor tricks.

I wrote about my foolish attempts to be healed in How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism to Christianity. Please check out this glorious testimony of God's gentle and providential guidance.

So, why don't we see miracles done today? I'll deal with that question next time.

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