Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Which is it, Predestination or Free Will?

Now that you know how God could forgive even seemingly unforgivable sins, have you thought about how he chooses  us verses how we choose to follow Christ? This subject has caused theologians to metaphorically chase their tails for millennia.

Even my nephew Logan Huard asked me about free will verses predestination. John MacArthur's answer makes the most sense to me, even if I can't explain how it could be.

According to the Bible, both are true. How so? There are verses which state that before the world began, God determined to save certain individuals. The sign of their predestination is their willingness to follow Christ and surrender all to him. Furthermore, Jesus thanked his father, God, for all those he had given him. This implies that there are a certain number of followers who would put their trust in Christ.

On the other hand, the Bible is filled with verses exhorting people to believe in the Lord. Jesus said in John 3:16 that whosoever believed on the son should be saved. The word "whosoever" means anybody who lets Jesus be Lord of their lives and who follows him.

"But how could it be both?" I'm sure somebody is asking. The short answer is that it is what it is. Just as a triune being makes no sense to our puny minds, so does having choice and predestination at the same time makes no sense. It's like light being both made of waves and particles.

My next book will be dealing with subjects like this, thanks to excellent Bible scholars whom I've learned from.

Speaking of these expert expositors, I'll share the reason why Jesus Christ hasn't returned yet. Preachers keep predicting his return but end up being a hundred percent wrong every time.

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