Thursday, 17 December 2015

Will My Pets Be With Me in Heaven?

This question is one which theologians have struggled with for millennia. Animals seem to have personalities, so much so that many people are sure they'll be there in heaven with them forever.

Having read the Bible about twenty times from start to finish, I have found nothing either way regarding if pets will or won't be in heaven. In fact, the only verse which hints at animal spirits is Ecclesiastes 3:21 which asks who knows if the spirit of man ascends and the spirit of animals descend into the earth.

Taking the context of the verse into consideration, Solomon made the point that we can't see spirits and whether human spirits rise while animal spirits sink into the earth. Therefore, we can tell from the verse that animal spirits go to a different place.

I sure would rejoice if my dearly departed pets, like my rabbits, would be in heaven with me. Gideon was my heart bunny and the rest I also fondly remember. Even so, I hold no dogmatic hope that they will join me there.

In my How I Was Razed book, I wrote about the claims made by a blasphemous house church minister. One whopper was that he saw his favourite horse when he traveled out of his corpulent body. By God's grace, I survived that malicious minister and I now know the truth. Contact me about this wondrous story of the heavenly Father's providential guidance.

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