Tuesday, 29 December 2015

What's With All These Denominations?

This question confused me too, along with arguments about the right Bible to read,  when I was a new believer in Christ. I remember how every church used to believe that they were the best or only church Christians should attend. Each claimed all the rest were wrong or, even worse, heretical. Thanks to excellent biblical apologists, I now know How and why we came to have so many sects.

The answer is quite simple. Satan hates the truth so he infiltrated the churches from the beginning to confuse people and lead them astray. Even in the first few decades of church history, people were attempting to distort or nullify the gospel.

For a thousand years, the church at Rome, now known as the Roman Catholic Church, restricted the study of the scriptures to the priests and monks. They feared that if lay people read them, they'd come up with a plethora of blasphemous ideas.

Martin Luther, translators,  and the printing press made it possible for ordinary people to read the Bible. Though cults have arisen and churches have divided over doctrinal differences, the gospel and the scriptures have survived.

I learned from excellent scholars that misunderstandings happened due to people not knowing the cultures, customs, and nuances of the ancient languages. Proper biblical scholars and translators take all these factors into account whereas unscrupulous individuals seek to build up their own followings.

An example of false teachers is portrayed in my How I Was Razed book. Contact me regarding how to purchase this marvelous memoir of God's providential guidance.

In my next post, I'll deal with pastors who abuse their congregants and teach heresy. These are wolves in shepherd costumes and must be avoided.

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