Thursday, 10 December 2015

How Can We Love Our Enemies, Yet Use Military Force?

It really was a Friday the thirteenth in November for unfortunate Parisians. Islamic State militants stormed several venues, killing innocent civilians as part of their religious duty to Allah.

How can anybody love such brutes? How can Christ command his followers to love the very ones who are torturing and killing their loved ones on a daily basis? The answer to both of those questions is   the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

When we understand that wicked people are under a strong delusion and can't help but be slaves to sin, we realize the dreadful fait awaiting them when they die.

Some folks might ask, "Do we just lie down and let wicked people do their horrendous acts?" The Apostle Paul wrote in Romans chapter thirteen that the government is the one put in place by God to wield the sword of justice against  evildoers. Vengeance belongs to him but he delegates out some duties to those whom he has placed in power.

While we are to love individuals, God has ordained the governments of our lands to execute murderers domestically and abroad. Sometimes innocent people must be protected by killing the demented pawns of Satan who have long since lost touch with their consciences.

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