Tuesday, 17 November 2015

So Which Preachers Are Honest?

In some previous posts, I wrote about the metaphorical tares and the wheat. Among Christian programs lurk fakers who fleece the flock while giving them nothing spiritual in return. These misleaders often claim to have advanced knowledge and to be able to work miracles. Worse yet, they twist scriptures to serve their own lust for money.

Jim Baker's corrupt ministry was a prime example of false shepherds of the flock. Other Christian "superstars" have also fallen into sin over the years. The wicked conduct of these phoney's hurt the good ministries who sought only to spread the gospel and help the poor.

The Evangelical  (ECFA) was formed in America to be an accreditation agency for those honest Christian organizations wishing to distance themselves from the corrupt ones. Canada's  (CCCC) also came into being for the same reason. Ministries wishing accreditation need to comply with strict rules of accountability or they can't display the logos of the ECFA and CCCC.

I personally learned an additional way to guard against fraudulent preachers. If they claim to prophesy and receive "new revelations" from God, avoid them. The gospel is neither sensational nor self-empowering. Instead of seeking power and control of their own lives, truly born again ministers proclaim total surrender and dependence upon Jesus Christ. There's no glamour in that as there appears to be in the false gospel of self-empowerment.

How I wish I knew this BEFORE I joined a cultic house church. How I Was Razed is my testimony of how God rescued me from destructive doctrines. Contact me regarding purchasing this marvelous memoir.

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