Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Why Must I Repent?

Before I can answer that question, I need to explain what repentance means. Simply put, it's a spiritual U turn. After a person asks God's forgiveness for disobeying his laws, those who repent abandon their old lifestyle and let Christ govern their conduct. They become disciples, learning his teachings and practicing them.

The old lifestyle is actually a death style, leading humanity to eternal agony in hell. Like it or not, the ways of the world bring nothing but long-term misery to everybody who insists on living that way. It might seem fun at first to do our own thing but It soon feels hollow and pointless.

This is because we were made to worship God. Genesis shows how humanity had it made and there was only one rule our founding parents needed to obey. They failed the test when they believed Satan's lie that God was holding some good thing back from them. That broke the fellowship Adam and Eve had with the Lord.

Since it's natural for us to sin, we need supernatural help. That's where Christ's death on the cross comes in. God transferred all the punishment for sin on him from whosoever will believe in him. When you accept this trade and become an adopted child in Christ's family, God treats you as innocent because of his son's sacrificial death.

I once lacked a full appreciation of this glorious trade. The cult church I became involved in taught blasphemous doctrines masquerading as advanced knowledge. Now I know that they lied to me. How I Was Razed shows how God led me into the sunlit land of his truth. Contact me directly regarding this marvelous memoir.

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