Tuesday, 1 September 2015

You think you're going to heaven?

From discussing this topic with friends, I get the impression that most folks assume they'll go to heaven, or an equivalent of it, when they die. They give me reasons such as having done good works, not being totally wicked, that they were Christened at their church, or that they were born into a religion.

I've also been told by atheists that life is all there is and they'll simply stop existing. They believe this because they limit their knowledge to only the natural world. There is no room for the supernatural in their world view so they reject any evidence to the contrary, particularly of intelligent design.

I feel compelled to write a book named after the title of this post. From the point of view of the Bible, everybody is guilty of offending the pure holiness of God and will be punished. Christ came to our planet to live a perfect life and take our punishment on the cross. Those few who surrender to Christ and repent of their sinful ways will be with him whereas those who stubbornly refuse will spend the rest of eternity in hell.

I hope to address the various excuses people make for why God will let them into heaven. I also will address the anti-biblical notions on which they base their suppositions.

Likewise, I hope to address the atheist claim that there is no supernatural being who we will face at death. I'll point out that limiting their understanding of the evidence of intelligent design to only the actions of natural forces is illogical.

And what of other belief systems? I hope to address those as well. Many folks assume that all religions lead to God. That's impossible since each one has contradictory beliefs.

As for the date of publication, it depends on how much work I can get done and how my computers behave. Self-publishing is expensive but I'm sure I can save enough to have my book edited and printed. Watch this space for updates.

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