Friday, 11 September 2015

Why Does God Allow Evil?

Tragedies happen on a regular bases. Many of them make the news but others don't get noticed. Few disasters were as shocking as the Islamist attack on the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and the plane which crashed in a field fourteen years ago.

Why didn't God stop that terrorist attack? Why did both good and bad people perish in those tragedies? Come to think of it, why doesn't he stop all these evil acts before they take the lives of innocent people? It seems to us that God is uncaring, sadistic, or out to lunch.

I felt that way about the Lord once. After being continually castigated by heartless elders at a house church for lacking the faith to be healed, I became angry at the Lord. All I wanted was 20/20 vision so I could glorify him and get better employment. For nine years, I turned my back on God. Eventually, it dawned on me that it wasn't his stinginess or my lack of faith which blocked my healing. In fact, it wasn't blocked at all and neither was he being a tight-fisted tyrant.

As I found out when I bought my house in 2000, God's providence is much more miraculous than direct miracles. Why? So many factors have to line up perfectly to accomplish his will. For example, remember those gadgets which made a string of ordinary Christmas lights blink? If you plugged a whole row of them into the wall socket, it would take a long time for all of them to be turned on and light up the bulbs. Each gadget has a slightly different time set for when it would activate. That's how providence works.

We just don't know the Lord's reason for allowing each incidence of evil. Scripture teaches that we can't judge people by what happens or doesn't happen to them. The ninth chapter of John's gospel is a perfect example of this. Through it all, God has a good reason for everything that happens but he's not telling us now. This is why we must trust in him rather than worrying our puny brains into a lather. After all, he knows the end from the beginning whereas we don't.

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