Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Did you know that my first blog post was in July of 2008? Did you also know that I've been blogging regularly since then? As in any activity, a break from it refreshes the soul of whoever practices it.

From 2008 until today, I've blogged for two reasons. One was to bypass editors and reach people with my views, The second reason, important to prove my diligence to Canada Pension Plan, was to promote my books.

Being able to publish one's musings without editorial censorship gives common folks such as myself a platform, small though it is. I've enjoyed being able to present my views to the public without some editor saying they won't print it. I can publish my writing instantly as well. There need be no waiting for somebody to approve what I've written first.

During the seven years I've been blogging, I tried not to blatantly flog my three memoirs. I've published excerpts from them but I've refrained from making wild claims or saying that people will miss out on the most fantastic writing the world has ever known if they don't buy them. I hate it when people play head games with me so I don't do it to others. Neither do I have gimmicks to lure in customers. What you see is what you get when it comes to my paperbacks.

I suppose some folks would say I was foolish for not using high pressure sales tactics. After all, they get results. But doing that also alienates people. I'm sure we've all bought something because a sales person kept saying how much it would help us. Often times, it doesn't do much for us at all.

Though I've tried my best to let my writing sell my books, sales have been dismal. Because of this, I wish to devote the summer to writing short fiction stories and enter them in contests. As of late, all my writing has been done to promote my memoirs. Not having to write and edit my posts will free up my time to create the scenarios which have been floating around in my mind. It might not look like it to some readers but I do make the effort to edit my posts and find links online when I need them.

So I hope all of you readers have a wonderful summer filled with fun, sun, and good times. I plan on using my laptop to write with and to enjoy the fine weather which we occasionally receive here in Alberta. I'll start posting again in September when the weather starts getting cold.