Tuesday, 10 March 2015


One trait  of mine is that I'm too trusting. I have the nasty habit, if you want to call it that, of believing folks and giving them the benefit of the doubt. This has led me into many situations where wicked people abused my trusting nature.

When I was in public school, other children would try to steal things from me to see if I'd notice. I've also had them deny that my possessions had been taken by them. I was fortunate whenever teachers caught the thieves with my things.

Even my parents betrayed my trust. I didn't realize that I'd be stuck in a boarding school for months at a stretch when Mom told me I'd be going to a new school in Vancouver. I had no idea that British Columbia's west coast was five-hundred miles away and I don't remember being told how long I'd be there.

An even worse abuse of my trust happened a few years after I gave my life over to Christ. Having no discernment skills, I ended up in a cultic house church. They taught me many blasphemous doctrines and claimed they were advanced truths which few churches knew.

The worst abuse was the constant nagging by elders to keep my faith up so I'd be healed of my poor vision. Many people laid hands on me and prayed in tongues during the fifteen years I attended that pseudo-church, yet my vision only grew worse.

It was that lie which angered me so much that I rejected God for nine years. I finally came to realize that what those people taught me about God was absolutely wrong. He doesn't set impossible faith goals for us to reach, Neither is he limited by our doubts.

I see now that the Devil uses ignorant Christians to shipwreck the faith of people such as myself. I was so eager to be healed but those cruel congregants condemned me for lacking faith, having hidden sin, lusting for sight, and having ancestral sin blocking my healing. In truth, I did my best to believe but the Lord decided to work through my disability for his glory. John 9:3 is now my life verse because I know the real character of the Heavenly Father.

I called my most recent book
How I Was Razed because those tools of Satan razed me but God raised me out of that iniquitous cult. Read more about this glorious testimony at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell's Books.