Tuesday, 24 February 2015


It seems like people today think that the weather used to be so nice but now man-made pollution is up-ending the weather systems. The older I get, the more ridiculous that argument gets.

I remember riding the Greyhound bus home one windy day in 1970. An elderly man sat next to me and began telling me how strange this weather was in comparison to how things were when he was my age. I've heard many similar stories how today's weather isn't like it used to be.

A pattern is forming in my mind about these "wacky weather" reports from various people. Older people seem to forget the bad things in the past, generally speaking that is. This is why everything seems so good long ago.

It also seems to me that our senses diminish as we age. What once was an adventure now is an ordeal. To me, soft ice cream tasted better when I was young and summers were hotter. Now I realize it's just a matter of perspective due to decades of experience.

The leader of the cultic house church I once attended also made some wild predictions about the weather. One of his outlandish claims was that the southwestern United States would be uninhabitable by the turn of the century due to violent storms and earthquakes. Last I've heard, the western states of America are doing quite well. Apocalyptic claims have been made by other false leaders and haven't yet come to pass.

I'm sure the children of today will someday realize that we've had it good during the first decades of the twenty-first century. There will always be storms and quiet years. Winters will vary in length in severity, just as they've always done. The same goes for the other three seasons. Keep in mind that these cycles have happened for millennia and that our tiny contribution of heat is being compensated for by the environment.

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