Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Most folks would agree that politicians aren't practical, honest, and articulate. In fact, it seems that the joke about politicians is completely true.

Q: What's the difference between a robber and a politician?

A: The robber takes your money and runs while the politician runs and then takes your money.

While I agree that it's true in most cases, there are exceptions. Danielle Smith is the leader of a conservative party in Alberta called the Wildrose Alliance. It was formed because conservatives in the provincial government became fed up at the wasteful spending and dictatorial way the Progressive Conservative government was being run.

When Danielle joined the party, it was little better than a splinter group with only Rob Anderson running for the position as  a member of the Legislature of Alberta. Danielle's dynamic personality and honest answers to political questions won many Albertans to her side.

In the 2012 election, Wildrose had candidates in all 87 Alberta ridings. They almost won. At the last minute, the PCs misquoted one candidate's blog post and manipulated another into making a supposedly racist comment. This stampeded Albertans into re-electing the PCs.

Though Wildrose lost that election, they learned from the mistakes of the past. The party is focusing on alternative policies to those of the incumbents which would save money but still address the province's needs. Wasteful spending on pet projects and rewarding crony corporations is what is driving Canada's richest province into deep debt. Danielle and the Wildrose aim to change this entitlement mentality which the government presently has.

For more information on Danielle and the Wildrose Party, visit wildrose.cahttp://www.wildrose.ca.

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