Thursday, 27 March 2014


Do you feel embarrassed because you were in a cult? Please don't feel that way. Many otherwise-clear-thinking individuals have been fooled by false claims. Often times, what was initially a friendly group becomes a spiritual and even physical trap.

Realizing the need, some caring ex-cult members have set up groups designed to be a safe place for former members to belong to. Because most Christian churches still lack the insight and compassion to help those who were spiritually abused, various groups are taking up the slack.

The Cult FAQ site is one of many which provide excellent resources. Links on the main page take seekers of emotional and spiritual help to sites providing everything they need to know. I wish I had access to these resources when I left the aberrant house church that abused my trusting nature for more than fifteen years.

As for the types of cults which people have been trapped in, the Cult Watch site is loaded with information. This resource is good for exiting members but it also helps relatives of those caught in abusive organizations.

The Cult Help site also contains an extensive list of cult reviews and information on various "isms." A dash of humor is also added by the site owner to lighten things up. In addition to Christian cults, various types of political, psychological, and eastern cults are listed.

Some of these online groups specialize in particular cults. The Exit and Support Group Network assists as well as supports exiters of the Worldwide Church of God, or any related controlling splinter group or offshoot.  This site helps those who have suffered spiritual, psychological and financial abuse as well as exploitation by these pseudo-churches.

A Google search for "ex-cult support will bring up many more links to helpful pages. Some are for particular individuals while others help with those who have left any abusive and controlling group. As with anything in life, check these organizations out before taking their advice.

What a shame that nobody mentored me when I gave my life to Christ in 1969. Had somebody done so, I most likely wouldn't have fallen for the blatant blasphemy preached at a house church. Nevertheless, I wrote my memoir of how I was deceived and how God led me out of the cultic mindset. How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism to Christianity is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Virtual Bookworm Publishers.

I also have set up a group on Linked In called Ex-Christian-Cult Member Support. Anybody who has been snared in deceptive organizations and wishes to talk about their experiences is welcome to join.

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