Thursday, 20 March 2014


Cults ought to be on the list of problems Christians must address. As far as I can tell, the subject is still taboo among evangelicals. We followers of Christ ought to be ashamed for our ostrich-like attitude toward false teaching and aberrant religious groups.

Throughout the Bible, God warns his people about false prophets and crooked teachers. Both biblical prophets and apostles warn us against the "wolves" among the flock.

This topic is especially dear to me because I was misled by a false teacher. The minister of a house church claimed to have advance knowledge of heavenly things. I eagerly attended his meetings so I could learn the so-called deeper things of God. When Christians contradicted the teachings of our lay minister, I tried to "correct" their thinking. Fortunately for the real gospel handed down from the apostles, nobody listened.

The reason I fell prey so easily  to the lies I was taught was because I had a desire to learn more about Christianity. People such as myself are what cultic organizations search for. Hardened atheists and steadfast believers put up too much of a fight. Both kinds of people recognize that these aberrant groups are misled so they reject advances made by these misleaders.

On the other hand, seekers of truth, particularly those who lack discernment, want to learn all they can about God. Satan knows this and intercepts them so they can be steered down the blind alley of deception.

Apologetics, knowing what we believe and why, is crucial to all followers of Christ. Since we are called to be his witnesses, we need to know the truth regarding our faith. When people are immunized against false and enticing doctrines, they can't be fooled by counterfeits.

It's for this reason that I wrote How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism to Christianity. I want people to learn from my mistakes and reject the sensationalistic claims of flamboyant preachers. Studying the scriptures in context is a much better method than listening to TV preachers proclaim wild ideas about their pseudo-revelations. To learn more about how God rescued me, visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Virtual Bookworm Publishers.

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