Thursday, 27 February 2014


It seems that every few years or so, somebody comes out with a book or documentary film which claims the world is about to meet its end. This is nothing new as various religions throughout history have predicted cataclysmic judgements on the world. So why hasn't the world suffered the doom prophesied in various ancient writings and modern-day videos?

One movie which gained quite a lot of attention back in 1982 was The Jupiter Menace. According to the film, great disasters have destroyed civilizations for millennia. Even the poles of the earth have shifted as recently as a few thousand years ago, according to the documentary.

The movie producers claimed that Jupiter has an eleven-year cycle, just like the sun has high and low sun spot activity each eleven years. In December of 1982, the planets were in the same quarter of their orbits around the sun. The producers of The Jupiter Menace thought this alignment would create gravitational strain on the earth, causing it to wobble on its axis. A further conjunction in the year 2000 would spawn even more cataclysmic earthquakes.

Using computer models, the movie producers showed what would happen in a magnitude twelve quake. The Richter scale only goes up to ten but they wanted to show the total destruction which would occur if a quake a thousand times worse than a ten happened.

The film makers brought in psychics and scientists to back up their claim of the earth's impending doom. Survivalists were also featured to make the point that people needed to prepare for the total collapse of society. Even the Bible was co-opted  to show that the world would undergo cataclysmic events in the next twenty years.

May 5, 2000 has come and gone, yet the super conjunction never caused the utter devastation claimed by the movie. In the past thirty-one years, earthquakes and tsunamis have occurred but at nowhere near the colossal levels predicted by this sensationalistic documentary.

Knowing the Bible well, I can tell that the verses cited were taken far out of their contexts and apocalyptic language was interpreted by the film makers in a wooden, literal way. This is a common practice among end times prognosticators when they sell their alarmist books and videos. It makes money as well because people want to know the future. I'm glad I know my future lies in God's hands, not in my stockpile of food or weaponry in some remote location.

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