Thursday, 16 January 2014


Throughout the Bible, we find warnings of false prophets and bogus apostles who mislead believers in God. These people proclaim "Thus sayeth the Lord," when he hasn't actually said what they claimed. The strongest of these warnings is given in the apostle Paul's letter to Galatia.

I am surprised that you are being so quickly turned away from him whose word came to you in the grace of Christ, to good news of a different sort; Which is not another sort: only there are some who give you trouble, desiring to make changes in the good news of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, were to be a preacher to you of good news other than that which we have given you, let there be a curse on him. As we have said before, so say I now again, If any man is a preacher to you of any good news other than that which has been given to you, let there be a curse on him.

These sort of people are still around today. Whether preaching from pulpits or writing books, they disregard the good news of Christ paying for our sins on the cross. Instead of reading the time-tested Holy Scriptures, these false teachers claim that we twenty-first century believers can hear directly from God.

I highly recommend reading the review of the book Another Jesus Calling by Warren B. Smith. It's a refutation of Jesus Calling, a book in which author Sara Young  claims to have written what Christ spoke directly to her. Having read Young's  book, Smith felt compelled to refute  her dangerous writings. In Another Jesus Calling, he warns that demons can masquerade in the guise of angels of light, or even as Christ himself, and deceive many. This is why John, the disciple of Jesus, warned in his first epistle to test the spirits. Unfortunately, many Christians want an experience rather than to study the Bible.

In an interview on the Stand Up For The Truth radio show, Smith refuted the claims of Jesus Calling. The Christ in that book isn't the dynamic character we find in Scripture but a weak and needy man, according to Smith. Instead of being Lord and Saviour, this Jesus is a buddy who wants to help you, the reader, live a better life. As far as I know, no mention of eternal damnation or eternal bliss with God is mentioned in Young's book. Neither are the commands to take up one's cross and follow him apparently noted.

Another Jesus Calling is one book I hope to buy soon. It shows without a doubt the danger of emptying one's mind and listening for a voice to speak from heaven. Satan is the master of deception and he loves it when people want to be deceived rather than reading the Bible. Smith's book is one every sincere Christian should read. It'll immunize its readers against trying to hear seducing spirits who call themselves Christ.

As for How I Was Razed, I wrote about how cultic house church leaders deceived me into believing all sorts of blasphemous doctrines. Check out this wondrous story of God's providence at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Virtual Bookworm Publishers.

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