Friday, 15 November 2013


Have you ever had something go wrong but it worked out well in the end? I certainly have. One of the best  of these providential occurrences happened in November of 1984.

After attending a shortwave listeners club meeting at a friend's home, I waited at the bus stop. The last one passed that point at eleven so when it hadn't arrived after a half hour, I grew concerned.

I walked back to my friend's place and when he answered the door, I sheepishly admitted that I missed the bus. He and his wife let me sleep on the couch and gave me breakfast the next morning.

Because I hadn't packed a lunch, I ate at the cafeteria. Across from me sat an older woman who I had met on occasions at work. When I mentioned that I was looking for a new place to live since my apartment neighbours were too noisy, she said she had a suite in her house for rent. I wrote down the address and asked if I could see the place on Sunday afternoon. She agreed

To my surprise, she wanted to rent the main floor of her home to me. The price was reasonable and so was the location. I could catch a bus in front of my house and be at work in ten minutes. The suite also had two bedrooms. I pictured my radio equipment in the smaller one as I wrote the cheque for the first month's rent and the damage deposit.

I lived happily at that suite for three years before the landlady sold the house. Had I waited on the other side of the street that night, I would have brought my lunch and eaten it at my desk. Only the Lord knows where I would have lived had it not been for that providential mistake that I made.

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  1. I really liked this blog post Bruce! It reminded me of so many times I should look for the blessing in the oops!
    I stopped by on my own personal blog tour of INSCRIBE WRITERS just to see what you to...

    Live Blessed,

    Sheila Webster


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