Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Were you a part of the Jesus People movement back in the late sixties and early seventies? I certainly was. In fact, my convictions frequently got me into trouble with classmates and teachers alike.

"What's your sign?" was one question which my peers asked me. I invariably answered that I was a Christian and didn't believe in astrology. I wish I had said that it was the cross of Christ. That would have encouraged them to ask more questions or shortened the conversation. As it was, I feel I gave the wrong impression regarding being a believer as I seemed not to believe in anything fun.

I also had my mother cut off a peace medalian from the zipper of a sweater she had purchased. I felt it clashed with my convictions as a Christian because it, according to some preachers, was a pagen symbol.

Though I loved rock music, I drew the line at songs which openly promoted immorality or false beliefs. The Fifth Dimension's "Age Of Aquarious" was one song I hated above the rest. Whenever it came on the radio, I switched it off and waited until I felt the song had ended.

When I learned that George Harrison was singing about Crishna, I stopped listening to his "My Sweet Lord" song as well.

Additionally, I got into my classmates' bad books by standing with my head bowed for "The Lord's Prayer." Each morning during Grade eight and nine, Our teachers insisted we stand and listen to the scratchy record of that well-known Bible passage being played over the intercom. One teacher even praised me in front of the class for being so devout while everybody else fidgeted and shuffled their feet.

I caused quite a stir in English class when we held debates. When the teacher asked for topics to debate, I suggested that abortion  was murder. To her credit, our teacher allowed that debate topic. I'm sure it would be denied today.

I also handed out tracts during my high school years. Many students crumpled and tossed them back at me but I persisted for a while. The cost of those gospel messages soon became prohibitive since I was only given a little money from my dad to live on. Even so, I spoke up whenever the conversation turned to spiritual matters. Though my convictions got me into hot water,and still do today, I've found amazing peace in the cross of Christ. How wonderful that he cared and still cares for a nobody like me.

I wrote about my zeal for the Lord in How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism to Christianity. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Virtual Bookworm Publishers cary the e-book and paper versions of this inspiring testimony of God's faithfulness.

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