Friday, 5 July 2013


Even though I'm writing this in June, I feel confident that Brother Herald (not his real name) will be wrong again about Vancouver Island sinking into the Pacific. All but two of his outlandish prognostications never came to pass. The two which did occur were because he heard news reports of them before we did.

So who was this Brother Herald? He founded his own church and led a tiny congregation which met in the basement of a house in Edmonton. Our lay minister claimed to be a prophet and often made predictions of disaster at his Wednesday evening Bible studies.

During the summer of 1974, he claimed to have dreamt that he held a copy of The Edmonton Journal with the headline, "VANCOUVER ISLAND SUNK" in bold type. He tried to read the date but all he could make out was "June 30." The year was unreadable, according to him.

As a result of his subjective experience, Brother Herald warned us not to live on the west coast. I felt nervous when I went on a student exchange trip to Victoria and Vancouver as a result of his prediction. My prayers seemed to be answered when I arrived safely in Edmonton. This had the unfortunate effect of strengthening my belief in this false prophet's prophecies.

Vancouver Island is still exactly where it was when Brother Herald made his ridiculous prediction and I feel confident that it'll still be there for years to come. My assurance is based on the fact that this pseudo-prophet's predictions have consistently failed to materialize. Even the one about Pope John Paul II visiting Edmonton wasn't real since I heard about the planned trip on the news.

I wrote about Brother Herald and his preposterous predictions in my new book called How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism to Christianity. Visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Virtual Bookworm Publishers to read more about this amazing story of God's marvelous providence.

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