Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Have you noticed that "how to" books can be tedious to read? One encyclopedic book is actually enjoyable to study. Along with scientific facts, it has plenty of humorous anecdotes.

David L. Fisher has written a brand new e-book called Encyclopedia Rabbitica, A thorough, informative, and fun book on understanding your pet rabbit.  The helpful information in this e-book will assist you in making  the most out of your relationship with all of your companion animals. If you have pets, this book can teach you a lot, and it will amuse you too. Fisher's book  explains their behaviors, the reasons behind them, and helps people and animals understand each other to the benefit of both.

Because rabbits are prey animals, they need to have their instincts understood by humans. Unlike dogs and cats, the trust of bunnies must be won. Fisher's book will guide you through the process of winning your rabbit's affection. His advice will transform your long-eared companion from a cowering ball of fur into a dynamic creature, full of curiosity and charm.

In addition to the knowledgeable advice and factual content, Fisher has included many excellent photographs of his rabbits. Having had bunnies in his home for more than a decade, he knows their behaviours intimately

Additionally, Encyclopedia Rabbitica is priced at only $2.01, a price anybody can afford. Visit LuLu to purchase this comprehensive book on rabbit behaviour and how to have the best possible relationship with your pet bunny.

When a Man Loves a Rabbit: Learning and Living With Bunnies would make a great companion to Fisher's Encyclopedia Rabbitica. It verifies what he wrote and has many hilarious vignettes of bunny mischief. Though there are sad moments in my eight-year memoir of living with house rabbits, all pet owners realize that they must face the departure of their companions. For more information on When a Man Loves a Rabbit, visit the Bruce Atchison's books link at the top of this page.

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