Friday, 21 December 2012


One of the greatest pleasures missed by non-rabbit people is watching a bunny explore a new room. The way they sniff every object and hop around is highly entertaining. Fifteen years ago, Gideon amused me afresh with his curiosity and joy at discovering a new room.

One lesson I learned from house rabbit people was that bunnies should first be given a small space to live in. As they learn to use litter boxes, their territory should be gradually expanded. This teaches them to think of their litter boxes as home base.

With Gideon, I first let him out in the kitchen. He learned to use the litter box and to claim it as his special place. At first, I used 2 litters. Gideon soon used only one so I took the other away.

Since Gideon could be trusted in the kitchen, I let him explore the hallway. He loved it. One of his favourite activities was to run back and forth along its length at top speed. Gideon also flopped in the kitchen doorway as if he was guarding his new territory.

The bathroom was the next space that Gideon conquered. His interest was short-lived as the room didn't have a carpet.

My long-eared companion loved my bedroom much more. Not only did it have a carpet but he loved exploring my bed. Like the seekers of the Northwest Passage, he also longed to find a way under my bed. I had to block it off with boards so he wouldn't destroy my box spring.

I used the second room in the main floor of the house I rented as a studio. Gideon wanted in so desperately that I finally relented. The video at the Bruce Atchison's YouTube channel shows how my bunny buddy went about claiming the room as his.

Gideon's many adventures are chronicled in When a Man Loves a Rabbit (Learning and Living with Bunnies). Learn more about this heart-warming memoir by clicking the link at the left hand side of this page. Meanwhile, check out the Virtual Bookworm and read about my newly publish book.