Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Did you ever stay over with a friend and know it would be the last time you two would be together? I had that experience with a friend who attended Jericho Hill School for the Deaf and Blind. He and I shared the same interest in long distance shortwave and AM radio reception. Friends such as Tommy were rare at the school. Rarer still were the weekends when I could visit the homes of my friends instead of being cooped up in the dorm.

From Deliverance from Jericho: Six Years in a Blind School, here is the poignant account of my final hours with a good friend.


On my last night at Tommy's house, we stayed up late talking and listening to his multi-band receiver. Reception was fantastic that evening. I envied Tommy for having such a high- end radio. It was one of those professional general coverage receivers which amateur radio operators used.

"Promise you'll write me when you get home," Tommy said as the eastern horizon began to lighten. I promised and drifted off. My braille skills were sketchy at best but I believed I could reply to his letters.


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