Friday, 29 June 2012


Many TV preachers claim to know what will happen in the future. How can a person tell if those prognosticators are right or wrong? The Bible states that if what they predict doesn't come to pass, those prophets have spoken presumptuously and we need not fear them. In fact, one passage even calls for false prophets to be stoned to death.

Though I didn't know it at the time, I whole-heartedly believed the predictions of a false prophet. In my upcoming How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism to Christianity memoir, I wrote about this man's many prognostications. None of them came to pass as he predicted they would. Here is one outrageous example of his phony prophecies.


In addition to receiving revelations, prophesying, and teaching, Brother Herald claimed he received divine messages in dreams. "A great earthquake will cause Vancouver Island to sink on the thirtieth of June," he declared one Wednesday. "I dreamt that I was sitting at my kitchen table with The Edmonton Journal in my hand. Across the front page were the words, 'VANCOUVER ISLAND SUNK!' in large type. It was dated June the thirtieth. I tried to read the year but it was smudged. God didn't permit me to read it because he doesn't want me to reveal the entire date. People would use the information to place bets and enrich themselves if they knew it."

Though I understood God's need to withhold the year from us, I still frowned. "It would be fun to tell the sceptics what was going to happen and then to say, 'I told you so,' when it did," I mused as he taught.


How I Was Razed is the testimony of how God revealed his true character to me after charismatic house church elders misled me for more than fifteen years. You're welcome to contact me directly for more information about this upcoming paperback.

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  1. I remember the big scare when the year 2000 arrived. It was predicted that all systems would die, and as a result, we would lose power, water, and other amenities. I really didn't believe any of this nonsense, but to be on the safe side, I laid in an extra supply of non-perishable food and filled bottles with water.

    On the night of December 31st, 1999, I grew more anxious as the midnight hour approached. Although I'd heard news reports all day about countries across the sea welcoming the new year without difficulty, I still wasn't reassured. I tried unsuccessfully to keep occupied by reading a Braille Magazine. My radio was tuned to an NPR broadcast of New Year's Eve festivities. My neighbor had invited me to her apartment to watch a fireworks display out her window at midnight. When the noise and fireworks from outside finally heralded the arrival of the zero hour, I turned off the radio, stood still, and waited. The lights stayed on, and the refrigerator in the kitchen continued to hum. I hurried down the hall to my neighbor's apartment but couldn't see anything out her window. I stayed with her for another hour, and we watched more festivities on television before I returned to my apartment and went to bed.


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