Friday, 11 May 2012


Like us, animals slow down as they age. They also are subject to many of the same diseases which restrict and afflict us in our senior years. From When a Man Loves a Rabbit: Learning and Living With Bunnies, here is a touching vignette about the time a seven-year-old bunny showed me he could still frolic like a youngster. By the way, "binky" is a term that some rabbit lovers use for an ecstatic leap of pure pleasure. ----------------------------------------------------------------- One May evening, I decided to lie in the living room doorway with my camcorder. I watched Neutrino and wondered what my bambino would do once he noticed that the door was open, even though my body was blocking the way. As I aimed the camcorder, Neutrino began dashing back and forth along the runners. Then he started binkying for about ten minutes. After his frisky spell ended, Neutrino flopped contentedly by the sink. How sweet that my darling mischief-maker could express his joy so freely. I hadn't seen him that excited in ages. It was like having a young bunny again and that gladdened my heart. ----------------------------------------------------------------- When a Man Loves a Rabbit is filled with many more fascinating stories of life with house bunnies. These vignettes range from the tragic to the hilarious. Please click on the link to my books for details about both of my paperbacks. You're also welcome to contact me directly for more information.

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