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Parents don't mean to be mean. Many of them haven't considered that they're buying a creature with feelings and instincts. The long-eared little fur ball that charmed them at the pet store or feed shop during Easter may be cute and sweet in the beginning, but he or she grows up to be an adult in a matter of months.

Many parents have some notion of rabbits eating carrots and being docile. Much to their surprise, that little bunny they bought at easter becomes destructive and driven by hormones. Like human teenagers, they get into places they're not supposed to be in and become opinionated. This, and the waning interest of their children toward their pet, become the excuses used to surrender these creatures to animal shelters or cruelly dumped in parks.

Though I wrote about my adventures and misadventures while living with bunnies in my house, When a Man Loves a Rabbit (Learning and Living With Bunnies) contains valuable information about these misunderstood pets. Here's an excerpt regarding the dietary needs of bunnies.3


Rabbits normally live in grasslands and need to eat plenty of
vegetation. As I found out with Gideon's illness in March, sugar
is potentially deadly for rabbits. It causes bad bacteria in the
bunny's intestine to grow explosively, releasing toxins which
could eventually kill the animal. I didn't know that carrots were high in sugar until I was told that by my friends on the lists.

Because rabbits have a sweet tooth and eat things they shouldn't, I needed to be careful not to let Gideon find anything containing loads of sugar or carbohydrates.

Many human foods can become deadly to them too. Even
Iceberg lettuce is bad for rabbits because of its lack of
nourishment. Green leafy vegetables, such as Romaine and
Endive, are more suitable greens.


When a Man Loves a Rabbit is filled with many more fascinating stories of life with house bunnies. These vignettes range from the tragic to the hilarious. Please click on the link to my books for details about both of my paperbacks. You're also welcome to contact me directly for more information.

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  1. People don't realize that they are taking on a 10-15 year commitment when they get a bunny. They don't realize that rabbits are more work than cats or dogs.
    Easter is coming and I'm sure the pet store are filling up. Two weeks later the shelters and rescues will be packed with unwanted Easter bunnies.
    Your book, When A Man Loves A Rabbit is a great read and the perfect Easter gift for bunny owners and animal lovers alike.


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