Friday, 8 July 2011


Like people, animals can have characters ranging from passive to outgoing. Pandora was one rabbit who knew what she wanted and often plotted how to get it. In When a Man Loves a Rabbit (Learning and Living With Bunnies) I described just how forceful Pandora's personality was.


The following evening, Pandora enjoyed exploring my bedroom. She boldly hopped in, checked out Gideon's socks and started shredding my fur-clad lad's stack of newspapers. She was so happy that she binkied and ran between the kitchen and the bedroom with the enthusiasm of a child at a playground.

When I stretched out on my stomach, Pandora jumped onto my back without hesitation and sniffed around. The feeling of four little feet hopping all over me almost made me burst out laughing. And then that adventuresome rabbit jumped up onto my bed and sniffed it thoroughly.

Since she was happy and well behaved, I let her explore my office the next day. Just as with the other conquered rooms, she ispected and chinned everything. Once she had left her scent on all prominent objects, such as doorposts and the suitcases where I stored my junk in, she became extremely frisky.

I'd only seen Gideon run the Bunny 500, so watching a ten-pound bunny dashing madly up and down the hall was quite an impressive, heart-warming sight. Then she flopped contentedly in the kitchen doorway and surveyed her newly expanded domain. Watching Pandora's happiness made me temporarily forget my lack of writing and music sales.


When a Man Loves a Rabbit contains many more fascinating stories of life with house bunnies. These range from the tragic to the hilarious. Click here to read more about this book and to order it. You may also e-mail me directly if the comment form doesn't work.

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