Friday, 27 May 2011


Have you ever had no choice but to be under the authority of somebody who perpetually criticized everything you did? This is a common affliction suffered by many. That sort of person often rises to prominent places in corporate and government organizational structures. People like that are motivated by the rush of making underlings jump as they bark commands. These individuals are obeyed by their subordinates but never truly liked by them.

In Deliverance From Jericho (Six Years in a Blind School), I recounted how many of the supervisors at that institution relished the thrill of bossing us boys around. It didn't even matter to some when we became ill. Below is one of many instances when a supervisor showed no compassion for me when I felt miserable.


My hay fever persisted through May and June. I appeared to suffer attacks at the worst possible times. After school one afternoon, Mr. Moiarty sorted out the laundry, handing items of clothing out as he read aloud the names on the tags.

I tried in vain not to sniff as I stood with the other boys.

"Stop that sniffling! Go to the bathroom and blow your nose for crying out loud!" he roared.

"Who'll collect my clothes for me?

"I'll put them in a pile for you - just get out of here and go blow your nose."

As I hurried to the bathroom, I cursed my allergy and Mr. Moiarty's insensitivity. "If I left he would get mad and if I stayed he would get mad," I muttered to myself.


Deliverance from Jericho contains many more vignettes of what life was like in that government-run institution. These range from poignant experiences of homesickness to hilarious incidents of mischief. Click here to read more about this book and to order it. You may also e-mail me directly if the comment form doesn't work.

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